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Flower and Weed

Flower and Weed - Margo Lanagan This was a short and sweet trip back into the world of Seahearts/The Brides of Rollrock Island.

Whenever I finish reading one of Margo's books(or one of her short stories, for that matter), I find myself unsure of how I feel about... everything. I know I was completely absorbed in the story, that I was FASCINATED by it, that I'm devastated it's over, and that my life will never be quite the same again.

Each one of her stories is so different from the others, yet they have a very strong undercurrent of emotion. And they never shy away from the awkward or uncomfortable.

This is a story to read after you've finished Seahearts, not before. It gives more insight into the mindset of the town, and into a backstory not revealed in the novel, but would be hard to comprehend without first having read the novel.

The reason this short story wasn't included in the novel could be due to the "adult" nature of the scenes in it, which would surely have left the novel in an awkward New Adult category. This is not a New Adult short story(or novel). It has too much heart, character, and "otherness".

A great read, but far too short a return to this world of Margo's. And now I go back to impatiently waiting for her next speculative novel.