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The Last Girl

The Last Girl - Michael Adams It's hard for me to put my finger on what I loved so much about The Last Girl.

It could be the colloquial style of writing, the ability to relate to the main character, the scary image of everyone being able to hear my thoughts, the eeriness of the world left behind after "The Scream", or the pace which kept me coming back for more whenever there was a break in my day. One thing is for sure, I kept managing to talk myself out of another hour of sleep, just so I could find out more about Danby and this new world she found herself in.

I had not heard about this book at all until I walked into one of the shops at the Airport recently. I didn't want to buy it book for $30, when I didn't recall seeing any advertising for it, and hadn't heard any feedback about it(and I was supposed to be using my money for holiday related things, not buying MORE books). I am incredibly glad, however, that I decided to have a look for it when I found myself in BigW, and that I took it with me on the plane home.

I get the feeling this will be one of those books that stays with me, and I will definitely be reading any subsequent books by this author.

Thanks for the amazing ride, Michael!