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Snow Man and the Seven Ninjas

Snow Man and the Seven Ninjas - Matt Cosgrove Actual Rating 3.5

The premise of this series of retellings is an interesting one. Stuck at home for the holidays with nothing to do, our narrator-of-sorts “borrows” his sister’s copy of Snow White, and decides to make some improvements.

The end result is a story as far away from Snow White as one might possibly imagine.

Here we have a super strong and talented Snow Man, adored by the people.
Little Snow Man grew up and became bigger and hairier, and with each push-up was more muscly than before. All those who saw him marvelled at his sixpack and were certain that never before had such abdominals existed.
Surely, no act could compete with the beefcake Snow Man, they though.
Super Dude is jealous of Snow Man’s strength and fame and wants to destroy the Yeti so his mirror will stop insulting him.
‘You may have a nice sixpack,
But you also have a hairy back!
The one with abs that make me blush,
Is the young Snow Man, you toilet brush!’
And so he enlists the stunt man, to embarrass and then slay the Snow Man.
The stunt man was horrified by the super dude’s command, but he was so frightened of his powers and what he might do to the stunt man’s pet goldfish that he promised to do as ordered.

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