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Good Me, Bad Me

Good Me, Bad Me - Ali Land There is a lot of talk about how this is set to be “one of the most extraordinary, controversial and explosive debuts of 2017”, and to be fair there is a lot here that pushes boundaries.

This is a story centered around the daughter of a serial killer; a female serial killer who steals and kills children and abuses her own children. Milly, the daughter, is bound to be damaged after the way she was brought up, and it’s clear for the reader to see in the way she interacts with those in her new, protected witness life, clear in the way she speaks, the words she writes, the fact that this whole book is essentially a letter to the mother who never treated her like mothers should.
It’s the chapter on the children of psychopaths that interests me the most. The confusion a child feels when violence is mixed with tenderness. Push and pull. A hyper vigilance, never knowing what to expect, but knowing to expect something. I recognize that feeling, I lived it every day with you.
There are definitely some things alluded to (though not actually said outright) that are controversial and which would leave many a reader squeamish if said outright, but unfortunately these same things, when the author avoids details at any cost, somehow dull the whole experience.

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