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Carve the Mark

Carve the Mark - Veronica Roth Actual Rating 1.5

So Veronica Roth, author of Divergent, Insurgent, Allegiant, and subsequent short stories in the same universe is back!

There is a lot of hype around this book and so many elements that showed potential. Surely, after the success that was Divergent, this would be good quality at the very least. Right?

Carve the Mark, they’re claiming, is for lovers of Star Wars and Divergent, and is billed as “Science Fiction” first and “Fantasy” second (where the latter is mentioned at all).

But this sci-fi lover and sometimes hesitant fantasy reader really has to wonder where the sci-fi even was.

Sure, there are a couple of science-ish elements, like the spaceship cobbled together from recycled parts, the fact that there is a governing body based on a ship orbiting the sun, and that the Shotet people travel to another planet once a year to scavenge materials to be reused. But that’s it.

Oh, no, wait… They also travel across the planet in hovering vehicles they call floaters (which carries its own set of problems/hilarity).
“Can we get into the floater while it’s still warm?’ Eijeh said, a little bit of a whine in his voice.

The floater eased up the hill, drifting over stony Hessa…

There were floaters everywhere, strips of colored light wrapped around their fat bellies, parked in clusters on the hillside or swarming around the domed roof in search of a touchdown.
But the few space-related scenes are incredibly brief, and everything else in this story is more on the side of fantasy and magic, which is totally fine, but it should really be marketed as such.

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After reading, prior to review
So... the cover is gorgeous, though I have to wonder exactly where it fits in the story, what with it being blue and seeming to suggest kill marks. Was it hinting at Avatar?

Anyway... additional thoughts on things besides the cover to come.

Overall a little meh.

Prior to reading
As Karen shared in her review, and as the letter that came with this book said, I'm not allowed to comment on the plot, characters or any of the content online, so I will be tabbing quotables for later posting.

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