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BOOK REVIEW: SP4RX by Wren McDonald

SP4RX - Wren McDonald

The style of illustrations in this graphic novel, and the fact that this is being distributed by a children’s book publisher and is marketed as for 14+ might lead you to believe it’s suitable for younger readers.




Early in the reading of this title, I came across the word “shit” and was willing to give it the benefit of the doubt. Most publishers will allow a couple of swear words in a  title for older teenage readers, but then came “asshole”, “bitch”, and “fuck”. And they weren’t one-offs.

Add to this the inclusion of drinking, smoking, “pleasure emporiums”, leather harnesses, assless chaps, gimp masks, and naked robot strippers complete with their own credit card swipe machines, and the realisation that this should not be accessible to fourteen year olds becomes a little clearer with every page.



The rest of this review can be found HERE!