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Spontaneous - Aaron Starmer

Practiced concern fell over the president's face and she put out her hands in a gesture of acceptance. Granted, she was a few hundred miles away, but she sounded genuine when she said, "If I could be there right now to hug each and every last one of you, I would. I know this is difficult and I can't promise there aren't still difficult times ahead. But the doctors I have dispatched are the greatest in the nation, and we will spare no expense until you are - oh, for fuck's sake!"

The nylon walls of the tents rippled from the blast and the burly, rhino-chinned SEAL plowed into the bloody screen like he was taking a bullet for our virtual commander in chief. Meanwhile,  the other SEAL - I'll call him the hot one, because he was, even all covered up like that - unholstered a pistol and pointed it at [spoiler]Harper Wei[/spoiler]'s bloody, but empty seat.