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Spontaneous - Aaron Starmer

By introducing this line of reasoning, she was telling people to consider Perry's sexuality, and by considering Perry's sexuality, they also had to consider Katelyn's and Brian's. The rumors about Katelyn had already been spreading by the time the town hall started, and within a few hours after it, the fishnet picture of Brian was trending.

Never mind that the picture was taken by his mom one innocent Saturday morning last spring when Brian was thinking about auditioning for the community theater's production of Hedwig. Never mind that even if Katelyn was gay and even if Brian was gay - and part of me kinda hoped that he was after that bus kiss snub - there's nothing about being gay that makes a person more combustible. Most sane and reasonable people realize this.

Alas, the world is neither sane nor reasonable, especially when ad-click revenue comes into play. Only the most callous and cynical "journalists" were trotting out link-bait like A NEW GAY PLAGUE? But that didn't mean others weren't implying the same thing.