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The Way We Roll

The Way We Roll - Scot Gardner Will went to a private school and owns a Rolex, but now he spends his days pushing shopping trolleys and nights hiding out in the crawl-space below a bowling alley. He plays things close to his chest, but he’s obviously hiding from something in his past.
Someone was bowling on the seventeenth lane – the one right above my bed. Balls intermittently growled past and collided musically with the pins. Another strike. And another. Bowling is more interesting from beneath the floorboards. There’s no winning or losing, no shoe hire or scoring and no artificial tension. From my bed I got the rolling thunder and the wooden chimes of success. I got the steampunk rhythms of the pin-setting machines and ball return and I could enjoy it all with my eyes closed.
At work, he’s making friends so very far removed from those he grew up with. Julian in particular is part slob, part thug, part… really decent but tragically inappropriate guy.
‘I’m not sure about eating a stranger’s leftovers.’
‘They’re not strangers, Will. They’re hotties you haven’t hooked up with yet.’
I looked around. People ate. I sat down.
Julian inspected a serviette then wiped his mouth with it. ‘I ask myself, “Would I get nasty with that woman?” If the answer is yes, then eating her lunch is like fast-forwarding to the good bits. Sharing spit can be gross or horny – you choose.’
Julian and his friends are teaching Will how to soften up and “grow some balls” simultaneously – no mean feat – but the resulting story is a rather cute and endearing one.

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