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Hex - Thomas Olde Heuvelt Elements of Hex were deliciously creepy, and the opening definitely suggested that it would be the type of story to keep readers up at night. And, I’ll be honest… there was a week or two there during and after reading where I would brace myself for sightings of Katherine whenever I turned on a light.

But beyond the creepy, lurking presence of someone long dead, someone who is the cause of many deaths within this town, is a story of small-town hysteria.

Small town hysteria was what saw Katherine executed for being a witch, and that same hysteria is going to prove just as hard for these modern-day townsfolk to deal with. There’s no denying that she has a power over them, that she’s the one stopping them from leaving and sending them eagerly reaching for the tools to end it all when they hear her voice.

But it’s so easy to attach extra weight to things and see signs that aren’t there… so easy to get caught up in the witch hunt.

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Please please please please PLEASE be as creepy as you sound!