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Burning Midnight

Burning Midnight - Will McIntosh When the spheres had first appeared, it sent shock waves around the world. On TV, experts and pundits had debated where they came from all day. As the years went by, though, and no solid answers to the mystery materialized, everyone started taking the spheres’ existence for granted.

No one knows where they came from. One day they were just there, hidden all over the earth like huge gemstones. Burn a pair of Mustard Yellows to boost your IQ, some Lemon Yellows to grow a little taller, a couple of Plums can help you forget terrible memories, and Olives can dull any pain. The rarer the spheres, the more you can sell them for, starting at around $100 for a pair of rarity ones, through to millions of dollars when dealing with anything upwards of a rarity seven.

Sully’s been working weekends at the flea market for the past four years selling spheres. Things are tight at the moment, and he needs a big score or he and his mother are going to be evicted, with his uncle’s basement their last refuge. And then Hunter enters his life, with a rarity three to sell and a chance for Sully to go sphere hunting with her.

Throw into the mix a famous sphere-dealing billionaire who cheated Sully out of $2.5 million when he was thirteen, a rarity five sphere, and something far more rare than any of them could have dared dream, and they’re about to find out the real story behind the spheres. What they are, why they’re here, where they came from…

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