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The Fireman

The Fireman - Joe Hill Actual Rating 3.5

There’s no doubt that Joe Hill has inherited his writing ability from his father, Stephen King, and anyone who has read his previous books will be quick to tell you how engaging and interesting his stories are. This one had the potential to be mind-blowing, but sadly fell a little short for this reader.

The premise of a post-apocalyptic world in which the epidemic is essentially spontaneous human combustion is a terrifying and fascinating one, and in the opening chapters it felt like this might live up to that potential. But then it veered off on a different course, and the whole thing got tangled up in a lot of killing time, with long stretches of nothing much in between the heart-racing events.

The Fireman was a fun read, and the 700+ pages did tick by rather quickly, without the reluctance to keep going that I have encountered with some books half the size, but it still felt like it could have done with a bit of a trim and would have benefited from more character development. As it was, most of the characters felt a little shallow and stereotypical, with motives that were unclear to this reader. Being an obsessive fan of Julie Andrews does not, I’m sad to say, a well-rounded character make, and yet it felt like this was one of the more solid chunks in Harper’s foundation.

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