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Silence is Goldfish

Silence is Goldfish - Annabel Pitcher
I wandered familiar streets feeling lost in the darkness, too scared of the stuff inside my head to be afraid of anything outside it. And now here I am with a plan that involves a goldfish, who looks shocked because this is not at all what he thought was going to happen when he woke up this morning next to the bottles of de-icer at the Texaco Garage that is the only home he’s ever known.

Tess has just read something shocking. Six hundred and seventeen words in which her father revealed that he wasn’t actually her father, and that his first feeling when she was born was one of disgust.

Tess wasn’t meant to read this, and her father… no, not her father, Jack, doesn’t know she saw it, doesn’t know why she’s suddenly stopped talking and is refusing to follow instructions. She’s defiant, she’s distant, she’s possibly lost it.

There were a lot of interesting themes within this novel, and it had the building blocks to make something amazing, but it came together as a rather uneven story.

Multiple things within this novel suggested that, perhaps, the main character might have started out as a lot younger, and been aged to fit slightly more adult themes.

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Before Reading

There must be a list on the Internet of what to buy when you're running away, but my phone is typically dead, like I swear it just passes out whenever things get stressful. It's unconscious in my pocket so I can't look up a list of essential items for life on the road, but a children's torch in the shape of a goldfish seems a very sensible choice.

Yeah, I think I'm going to enjoy this one!