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UnWholly (Unwind, #2)

UnWholly (Unwind, #2) - Neal Shusterman Chocolate. You have so many memories of chocolate.
Some of your memories are of being deathly allergic to it, some are of every birthday cake being chocolate. One of your memories is of your family never having enough money for it, except that one time, when your dad left, and your mum decided she needed to do something extra special to cheer you up. You’ve dreamed of it ever since. But at the same time, you’ve never had it before.

Warmth, blankets, hugs, sunshine, safe place… Comfort.

It takes a while to work out the words, because you don’t see things the way others do. All at once you have so many memories, but none at all. Your synapses fire in a different way, as your brain tries to bridge the gaps between different parts of your whole.

Slowly the pieces are coming together… literally.

And, now that thinking is becoming a little easier, a little less fuzzy, you’re finding words come to you more easily. You can find the word you want without having to cycle through all the images and feelings you associate with it first.

You’re the next stage of humanity, the best of the best, and you’re only going to become better with each passing day, as the scars fade, as all the tiny parts of you figure out how to run smoothly together.

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