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The Chimes

The Chimes - Anna Smaill The Chimes starts off slow, heavy.

At first, you find yourself wondering if you’re perhaps too tired to grasp the concepts, to see what’s going on, to understand the words before you. Maybe you need a little while after the last book you read, maybe you’re rushing it.

You’ve been thrown into this world which is like ours in some ways, but so very different in others. You recognise the names of places, instruments, and other daily things, but you’ve also been introduced to so many new words, that at first you feel a little lost.

The sentences are pretty, you know that much. But you’re not quite sure what they’re saying.

My name is Simon, I think. I live in the storehouse on Dog Isle, in the city of London. I am a member of Five Rover pact. We run in the under, and in the under we search for fragments of the Lady. We sound Onestory. We trade in the markets of London. We go silent for Chimes at Matins and Vespers.

Matins? Vespers? Presto? Lento? Subito?
No one told you you would have to learn a different language to read this book!

I advise you to stick it out.

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