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Nanny Confidential

Nanny Confidential - Philippa Christian Actual rating 2.5 stars.

A little about this reviewer, on the nannying/childcare front:

I once worked in a childcare centre with a little girl who would throw massive tantrums the moment there was the slightest hint things might not go her way. Within two weeks of my working with her, her mother sought me out and thanked me profusely, insisting that I let her know if there was ever anything she could do for me.
Her daughter was saying please and thank you, was a lot happier, and was making those around her a lot less stressed. All I had done was ask the girl to think about how she might feel if her friends did the same to her. I didn’t talk down to her, I talked to her like a peer, even though she was four years old.

A little girl I knew from five months old would be so devastated when her mother left, that she just wouldn’t settle. I managed to distract her with a sturdy but jingly necklace I always wore, and when she was older that became a bit of a game between us. She would put my necklace on, then take it off and put it on me. Then we’d roll around on the floor and have cuddles, until I tickled her, of course!

A family of three boys and one girl put me through my paces for the short time I worked with them. The older two would test the boundaries as they got to know me, as is the way for all six and seven year olds, but I enjoyed every moment of it.
It warmed my heart when their mother told me a couple of months later about how they had been reading a book and found a consistency error. During my time with this family, we discussed my freelance work as an editor and what that involved. One of the boys had seen this error and said, “Steph would have spotted that, wouldn’t she?”

I work in retail now. I miss spending time with my kids, but I do appreciate the stability of full time job for a big company. So Nanny Confidential sounded like the perfect book for me. I was so eager for this to be my next Nanny Diaries.

But there were a few problems.

The rest of this review can be found here!