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The Here and Now

The Here and Now - Ann Brashares The Here and Now has the makings of a good time travel/controlling cult/forbidden love story. But something must have gone wrong in the combining of these ingredients.

In the positive category, we have:

– A big ol’ wasteland of a future, justifying the trip back in time to save the people of the past from themselves, and to fix the world for those future generations they left behind.

– The shady governing body of the community of travellers, who ensure people follow the twelve rules, or that they’re not around to cause any more trouble if they do break said rules. Each year the community comes together for a mandatory ceremony, during which the twelve rules are read and the congregation must look upon images of those they have “lost” in the past twelve months.

– The boy from outside the community who seems to really understand the main character, despite how little she has told him… because he actually knows more than he’s letting on.

– A catalyst that kicks the main character into gear when she learns that a critical event draws ever nearer, promising to send the world down the same dark path they came back to avoid.

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