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The Walking Dead, Book Two

The Walking Dead, Book Two - Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard Over the next eight weeks, I will be reviewing one Walking Dead book per week, to try and stave off the hunger for more episodes of the show. I will try and keep these a spoiler free as possible, but readers should be aware that a review may mention spoilers from previous books in the series.
Each one of these books comprises twelve issues of the comic.

Apologies for the delay in getting this one up; retail at Christmas is killing my review brain.

Review for Book One.

As the world continues to go further and further to hell, certain members of the group grow more unbalanced, and the group dynamic can becomeā€¦ tense. But with so many people in the prison, new and old alike, and the roamers outside the fence, how can anyone really know where the danger is coming from?

This collection of walking dead issues opens where the previous one left off. Newly arrived at the prison, with so very many walking corpses to clear out of the grounds before they can stop sleeping in the crowded RV.

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