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What She Left

What She Left - T.R. Richmond Who is Alice Salmon?
Student. Journalist. Daughter.
Lover of late nights, hater of deadlines.

That girl who drowned last year.

Gone doesn’t mean forgotten.
Everyone’s life leaves a trace behind.
But it’s never the whole story.

We’ll all have to be strong for them now: your lovely dad with his mad sweaters and that way he has of saying Al-ice, pausing between the ‘Al’ and the ‘ice’ as if he’s asking a question, and your mum, your gorgeous mum, a one woman dynamo, who you’re an absolute spitting image of and take after in so many ways, but you won’t take after anyone anymore. It’s stopped, you have, a line’s been drawn under you, the last page in your book, and there’s a huge hole where you and that laugh and that AWFUL taste in music and those OUTRAGEOUS leggings should be.

Through the pages of this book you will come to know Alice, her best friend Megan, boyfriend Luke, family, loved ones, and even Jeremy Cooke, anthropologist, lecturer… lech?

I’m drunk, Liz. Not that it’s apparent. Can’t even do that well: get drunk. Look at this email: even the god-damn punctuation is right. I’m going to have another drink. The lecherous lecturer is going to get pie-eyed. A sober drunk. That’s an oxymoron if ever I heard one. Listen to me, an oxymoron. I’m even pretentious when I’m sozzled.

Dr Jeremy Cooke is quickly becoming the person who knows Alice best, through her diaries, emails, and anything using her voice, and you’ll find yourself quickly drawn into the lives of those within these pages.

At its heart, What She Left is a mystery – did she slip, commit suicide, was she killed? – but that’s not the most important thing about this book.

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