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Nod - Adrian Barnes

As I watched her, I wondered what would become of these children when we were gone. Would they grow up into mute adults and, in turn, have mute babies of their own? If I'm to be honest, part of me recoiled slightly at the thought of a planet populated by Zoe's kind. The thought of a universally-benign species taking over the planetary reins seemed like a kind of cheat, seemed pointless. What about struggle? What about confusion and turmoil? All those tried and true character builders? What bout words?

But if I'm forced to hazard a guess, Zoe and her friends are probably just some sort of next step in evolution. In that case, I'm one of the throwbacks and my opinion doesn't count any more than that of a Neanderthal surveyed about the potential of stone wheels and harnessed fire. Ug.