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Spontaneous - Aaron Starmer

I set up a Google Alert for my name, which I know is basically the corner where masochism meets narcissism, but I couldn't help it. It should come as no surprise that it was upsetting to check my email every morning and see what the world was saying about Mara Carlyle. However, it wasn't that people were calling me an evil harpy or anything. It was that they were hardly talking about me at all.

Jane, on the other hand, had countless Tumblrs and Pinterest boards dedicated to her quotes and "Rolling in the Deep" became something more than just the title of an Adele song. Since Jane's last name was Rolling and she was perceived as being "deep," this tired pun - shortened into the hashtag #RITD - became a way to share the wisdom of the world's favorite teen mom.

Even Tess wasn't immune. On Picture Day, she wore a T-shirt with a quote from Jane on it: 




I know. I didn't understand it either.